EdgeCorp Design Builders Ltd. (EDB) is the division of EdgeCorp Group that integrates the design and construction functions under a single source of responsibility for each EdgeCorp project. EDB’s ability to provide cost-effective construction management and general contracting services for its projects is the core of EdgeCorp Group’s success.

Design/Build is an increasingly popular project delivery system for complex, technically driven projects, integrating the design and construction functions so that there is a single source responsible for the entire project. EDB has deep relationships in the development, design and construction industries that allow them to assemble design/build teams to meet specific requirements of each project. Through these partnerships, EDB brings valuable constructability, budgeting, cost control and logistical expertise to the design/build process, and the construction know-how to turn a project vision into reality.


EDB ensures each phase of its projects have responsive leadership and consistency of management by working in partnership with architects, engineers and subcontractors. By staffing the project with their construction professionals during the planning and design phases, their team fully understands the project goals, technical details and key issues before construction begins. Once it is time to break ground, their team is on the move, executing the job in accordance with contract documents and building a successful project for all stakeholders.

EDB projects include comprehensive construction management services to ensure that the project meets all requirements and deadlines. Construction management tasks include planning, design and construction, integrated by a project team comprised of the owner, construction manager and the design consultants. The construction management team’s responsibility is to provide overall administration of the project from preconstruction to completion. Because the management team of EdgeCorp has decades of “real world” general contractor experience, they know what qualities are essential to good construction management.

During preconstruction, EDB plans the work to be implemented during construction. This includes value engineered recommendations on construction methods and materials, the preparation of detailed project budgets based on standard trade divisions, as well as preconstruction planning and site related investigations.

To make well-informed decisions EDB follows a disciplined process that includes:

  • Value Engineering Recommendations
  • Prequalifying Subcontractors
  • Conceptual and Detailed Cost Estimating
  • Project Scheduling
  • Site and Zoning Analysis
  • Constructability Review and Delivery Methods
  • Cost Analysis
  • Procurement Planning
  • Risk Management

EDB preconstruction services focus on serving both the Owner and the Design Team as a source of accurate information from which educated decisions can be made concerning the project’s cost, quality level and timing.

As the General Contractor, EDB performs construction services for the construction of the entire building. EDB hires the subcontractors and suppliers who specialize in the various trades required for the job, such as plumbers, electricians, framers, carpenters, etc., coordinates all work, and is responsible for payment to the said subcontractors.

During the construction phase, EDB works closely with the Design Team to complete the project on time and within the budget. They achieve this by following through on the schedules and plans established during the preconstruction phase, management of project costs and coordination of subcontractor activities during the project and by constantly evaluating our approaches and looking for the best solutions.

EDB’s construction management services include:

  • Shop Drawings and Material Submittal Review
  • Cost Monitoring and Control
  • Schedule Development and Control
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Site Management
  • Safety Assurance
  • Project Accounting
  • Change Management
  • Quality Control
  • Warranty Work Completion